Orbit's Founders

Nick Scibilia

Nick grew up with a passion for business, investing, and helping those around this. He poured his entreprenurial spirit into the founding of Orbit in Fall 2020.

Zach Shenkman

Zach is a dedicated and passionate programmer and UX designer. He is the king of all things technical on Orbit, and is using his skills to make investing accessible to all.  

Meet Orbit

As undergraduate students at the University of Florida in 2021, we were young investors in the height of the meme-stock era. In a world where things change by the second, we found that there was no centralized place to talk about the public markets, no platform free of spam posts or invasive ads, and a frustrating amount of non-user friendly experiences.

Orbit was born from the minds of young founders who understand the untapped potential of retail investors. The app was founded in 2021 by a group of forward-thinking University of Florida students in the wake of the meme-stock phenomenon. We believe that the everyday investor deserves to have their voice heard loud and clear across Wall Street. That's why Orbit exists – to empower you and give you a voice in the financial world.

So, we created our solution: Orbit. The new social hub for the modern investor.