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For investors, by investors

We're building features tailored for today's retail investor. All the tools you need to take your portfolio to the moon.

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Stay Updated

Real-time market data and insights from your favorite analysts and influencers help you execute on the market.

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Send news and information to your friends immediately. Join groups of like-minded investors to talk about your next play.

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Secure Data

Your information is safe with us. We won't share or sell your data to hedge fund managers like other services.

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Join the Conversation

Connect with other investors

Looking for due diligence on your next position? Use Orbit’s social functionality to get in touch with talented, like-minded investors before you make your next move.

Send news and information in real time
Stay up to date with the newest trends
Real-Time Data

Data at your fingertips

Orbit’s stock data updates in real time – whether it is news of a merger or a fluctuating price, Orbit will keep you covered to make critical decisions using your favorite brokerage.

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Enhance Your Skills

Learn to trade like a pro

Understanding the market has never been easier with Orbit’s in-app education center. Orbit provides a rich catalog of original content, written by finance graduates and experienced investors, to help anyone learn to become an investment pro.

Keep track of your educational progress
Collect badges for every completed lesson

What traders have to say about Orbit

“It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned trader or brand new to the market, Orbit will help you figure it all out!”


“Being a part of the Orbit community has been such an amazing addition to my finance journey. As someone who’s new to investing, Orbit has made me so excited to keep learning and growing my portfolio.”


“Orbit brought me from the chaotic world of online financial discussion into a focused, supportive, and active environment where I was able to take my investing game to the next level.“


“An app that should be on everyone’s phone, no matter what level of knowledge you’re at regarding stocks.”


“Orbit is interactive, educational, and inspired me to invest. I loved being able to talk openly and honestly about stocks and connect with other like-minded individuals.”


“Orbit is 100 times better than anything else on the market. Like StockTwits for Gen Z.”